Bilateral Relations

The Finno-Ugric dimension has an important place in the relations between Hungary and Estonia. Hungary, Finland and Estonia are consistently co-operating in supporting the endeavours of our kindred peoples to preserve and foster their identity. In the speeches at the world congresses of the Finno-Ugric peoples, a central theme has been the need to preserve the indigenous language and culture.

The ambassadors of Estonia, Finland and Hungary to Russia visiting the regions of our kindred peoples has become a tradition. The Finno-Ugric republics have been visited every year since 2004.

In 2010, Hungary joined the NATO Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, contributing to the centre’s budget and sending a representative to Tallinn. As of 2015, Hungary contributes to the Baltic air policing mission. Hungary’s rotations took place in 2015 and in 2017, from the air base located in Šiauliai, Lithuania.

Co-Operation at the Local Government Level

Friendships partnerships at the local (municipal) government level have existed for many years. A Partnership and Cooperation Agreement has been entered into between the following cities: Tartu and Veszprém, Pärnu and Siófok, Tallinn-Nõmme and Szombathely, Rakvere and Szolnok and Kose and Ócsa. Since 2015, Kõpu and Iszkaszentgyörgy are twin cities.